Day 6 - Process YAML to decide if the file is public.

Let's play with using Rust to process private to public notes.
Leonardo Notebook
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Project Scope and ToDos

  1. Pull public-marked notes from the notebook to the new repo
  2. Create website that treats them like a wiki and links pages together
  3. Support the basic YAML in

Day 6

Ok I want to try out my new function. That means getting everything up and running. Looks like I have one issue, my use of the new md_file_transformer function isn't working for my processing. I have to deal with turning the PathBuf output I'm getting from the directory walk into a string I can process. I thought I could use to_str but I guess not. Let's take a look at PathBuf. Huh. Docs say to_str should work. Yet, the Rust compiler isn't working. Hmmm, it says expected struct "std::string::String" found enum "Option<&str>".

Ok, so I need to transform it into a string. Looks like there are a few options. I'll use path.into_os_string().into_string().unwrap(). It doesn't look like the best way to do it, especially if the user is on a Windows machine, but I'm not sure what the best alternative is. I suspect there is a way to pass the PathBuf direction into read_to_string in fs. But I can fiddle with that later, I'd like to move on from this for now.

Ok, that got me to the next problem. if !keycheck || false == yamlObj["public"].as_bool().unwrap() { doesn't work if the value isn't a boolean. Oh yeah, I could use a match process, similar to Javascript switch. Ok, I want to further symplify it a bit. I'll set up another function to do the actual writing of the file in the match.

Ok, I think I've gotten it working:

let keycheck = yamlHashmap.contains_key(&Yaml::from_str("public"));
// as_hash().unwrap().contains_key("public");

// Check if variable is true
if !keycheck {
// Not a public ready file.
} else {
match yamlObj["public"].as_str().unwrap() {
"true" => public_file_transform(single_file_path, markdown_input, "public"),
"partial-public" => {
public_file_transform(single_file_path, markdown_input, "partial-public")
"partial-private" => {
public_file_transform(single_file_path, markdown_input, "partial-private")
"false" => println!("Public is false"),
_ => println!("Public is not an expected value"),

Now I'll have to build out public_file_transform to do the actual work of processing and copying the file. I'm not sure it makes sense to pass the markdown value for the public argument in this way. It might be a bit repetitive, after all I have to do a bunch of processing of the YAML data anyway inside the function. At the very least perhaps I should pass the YAML object into public_file_transform? I'll have to think if this is the best way to handle it. Perhaps I should just set a variable to the value of public after I've decided to continue and otherwise return early? I'll have to fiddle with it later.

git commit -am "Continue setting up decision-making if file is public"