Project List

A list of projects that Aram Zucker-Scharff has documented working on.

Each project I talk about on this blog is usually executed over multiple days. This page is a list of these projects. Click on any of them to see a list of days worked.

  • Context-timelines

    Days worked: 7 | Status: In-progress
    A way to fun, useful and sharable timeline pages.

  • Context-pages

    Days worked: 18 | Status: In-progress
    A way to generate sets of links that are readable and easy to refer back to.

  • Devblog

    Days worked: 45 | Status: In-progress
    Building this very blog for my development notes, using Eleventy.

  • Backreads

    Days worked: 0 | Status: In-progress
    Building Backreads.